Now, a made-in-India 3-D printer!

07th October 2013
Now, a made-in-India 3-D printer!
Venu Vaishnav, Marketing Director and Bejoy George, Technical Director, Sitech Electronics with the ChipMax 3-D printer developed by the company ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore October 7 2013: Even as  3-D printers  move slowly from the industrial prototyping arena to a consumer product, a Bangalore-based player has  developed and launched  what might arguably be the  first 3-D desktop printer to be 'made in India'.

Sitech Electronics, part of the ChipMax group,  showed their improved desktop 3-D printer model CM3DP-02 at  the Electronics Rocks expo in the city last week.

Just 9.5 kg in weight, the desktop machine can print 10 t0 100 cubiuc cms an hour using ABS or PLA Plastic  and turn out objects up to 140 by 140 by 135 mm  with layers  between 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm thick.

Co promoters Venu N Vaishnav and Bejoy George explained that   anyone with basic e-D CAD knowledge can easily set up and use the printer -- and novices can always use one of the many public domain designs ( in Stero Lithography or STL format) that are increasingly become available. The  indigenously conceived and produced  3-D printer is available in a range of models in the Rs 100,000 to Rs 125,000.
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