Indian engineers of LifeSize help craft video conference industry's first universal platform

03rd February 2012
Indian engineers of LifeSize help craft video conference industry's   first universal platform

Bangalore  February 2 2012: The Video Conferencing industry’s first fully integrated, virtualized software platform for infrastructure was substantially crafted in India – by engineers of the Austin ( Texas) US-based LifeSize ( a subsidiary of Logitech). At a media event to launch the Universal Video Collaboration (UVC) platform, Michael Helmbrecht, Vice President and General Manager of Video Solutions at LifeSize, said the entire software solution, including critical components that help to virtualize and cloud-base the offering were developed at its Bangalore development centre – the biggest outside its headquarters in the US.
The LifeSize UVC Platform integrates the capabilities of multiple single-purpose infrastructure products and makes them instantly available from one interface with one login account. This makes buying and deploying video conferencing infrastructure more flexible cost-effective and efficient, Helmbrecht said. The platform gives IT decision makers the flexibility to use one integrated platform for all infrastructure applications and choose the deployment -- software or hardware -- that best fits the environment, he added.
LifeSize has some 15,000 customers in 100 countries and has shipped 55,000 units to date. Leading Indian customers include telecom players sector Virgin and Reliance. It has as ikts mantra making ‘video conferencing accsessible to all’ – anywhere, on any network and on a device of the user’s choice – from PCs to laptops, tablets and smart phones. To this end it has tested its applications on over 4o phones – Android as well as Apple iOS. The Bangalore media event featured live demos on multiple platforms including iPhone and tablet PC, with participants in Germany and Singapore.

LifeSize was founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009. The company has been in Bangalore since 2005.